Managed Service Programs

Rays Managed Service Programs consults to manage their contingent labour benefit from a number of highly specialized services that boost savings, increase candidate quality and reduce the sourcing cycle time.

Independent Contractor Management: Employing a Independent Contractor allows businesses to benefit from the contractor’s niche expertise while avoiding some of the costs associated with hiring in-house employees, including insurance benefits and worker’s compensation taxes. Yet hiring 1099s can cause other legal and financial concerns: Managing contractors as if they were in-house employees can lead to costly employee classification mistakes. Rays Independent Contractor Management program provides cost-effective co-employment services. The contractor continues to work for the client, with Rays as the employer of record.

Associate Vendor Program: We bring a collaborative approach, listening to clients needs, and then partnering with Associate Vendors to create a unique that balances Tier 1 and Tier 2 Diversity Spend Credits, on-site program management, and a targeted recruiting approach based on required skill sets and specific employment markets. Rays can rest atop any VMS platform and amplify the baseline savings and efficiencies enabled by the automation of these business processes. Our dedicated Supplier Management group assesses, on boards and mentors your supplier base, improving the quality of your workers and reducing time to hire.

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