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DATA Processing Services

Rays data processing services are more art than science that your needs are met on-time and on-budget. Clean data is critical to successful direct marketing initiatives our Data Hygiene solutions enable you to significantly improve data quality and eliminate ravage postage, making your campaigns more effective and cost efficient that may be used alone or in combination to dramatically improve the accuracy of your data. Our Data Enhancement services will fill missing gaps within your database and enable you to increase lines of communication with your clients by adding telephone and e-mail data to their records.

Rays consultants work seamlessly with our client's internal teams to identify business inefficiencies, accelerate processes, and design and deliver effective solutions that improve quality, increase velocity, and control costs.

No matter where we work, RAYS deploys specialists with expertise in client-specific systems who serve as an extension of your internal team. Our proven processes are built around clear communication throughout the process in order to increase tracking and visibility of project goals, and allow for easy coordination of shared management responsibilities, including training, oversight, delegation.

By selecting the right people to handle the project, we provide clear, accurate documentation services that easily integrate with client systems. What we do mostly are:


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